Forestlyn delivers a personalised and embedded marketing and advisory service and offers a focused, flexible and dedicated approach. Working either as a strategic marketing consultant within your marketing teams or as an outsourced marketing resource, Forestlyn is a trusted and collaborative marketing partner driving your business forward.

Our services include:

  • Outsourced Marketing/Chief Marketing Officer: A highly engaging and collaborative partnership sets up marketing for sustainable results

  • Marketing Leadership: Mentor your existing marketing team with workshops, training, strategic direction and ongoing support

  • Marketing & Brand Strategy: Provide clear direction on how best to market your business, products and services to your ideal clients

  • Strategic Communications: Messaging & positioning are our specialities, we elevate your company’s brand with thought leadership strategies

  • Digital Marketing: A practical digital marketing strategy for results without burning the budget

  • New Product Launch: Product and marketing entry strategies to raise brand awareness and reach your potential customers

  • Media & Public Relations: Deeply ingrained within innovation, we also help build media presence via a strong network of industry influencers

  • Website Creation/Upgrade: Ensure your most important marketing channel is optimised and targeted to the right audiences

  • Executive Profiling: Build your executives' personal brand with focused thought leadership strategies and industry visible activities

  • Creative Services: Need content assistance? Our partners specialise in graphic design, website design & development, video, audio, social media, copy writing, SEO/SEM, advertising, photography, printing services, and many more

  • Emerging Technologies Talent & Outsourcing: Need resources ASAP? Utilise a vetted pool of highly skilled and recommended talent ready to work on your emerging technologies project anywhere in the world. Talent includes blockchain development, software development, investor relations, sales, business development, data science, compliance, law, product management, analysts, operations, finance, accountants, and many more

We also work in partnership with founders and innovative organisations to better understand your business and provide guidance, strategic planning, and execution of all marketing services and requirements via its signature three-stage process below:


A thorough discovery phase, including research to understand your industry, product, needs and challenges, is undertaken at the advisory stage to develop a 360-degree view of your business requirements.

Forestlyn’s advisory stage includes project and audience persona profiling, target market analysis, identifying challenges and directions, and advising on the best and most successful marketing approaches.

Working directly with company founders, Forestlyn provides step-by- step mentoring and guidance throughout the marketing process.


Using the discovery phase and taking the learnings from the advisory stage, Forestlyn will formulate a creative and actionable high growth strategy that suits your goals and will provide expert guidance throughout the planning process.

This includes crafting core messages, developing budgets and timelines, and advising on the most appropriate channels and methods of execution, from initial development, the product launch process, and the post launch period of your marketing campaign.


On approval of your personalised marketing plan, Forestlyn will use a mix of strategies, channels and appropriate expertise, to execute your plan.

Forestlyn’s comprehensive marketing approach comprises communications, community management, social media, bounty program, events, digital marketing, advertising, investor relations, media buying, review sites, influencer engagement, content marketing, giveaways and brand management.

A post-launch review, ongoing engagement and support, and reporting on outcomes and results is also part of Forestlyn’s signature service.