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We are technology marketing experts with a passion for innovation. With a deep understanding of the emerging technologies space, we create your marketing strategies and de-jargon your communications to help you bridge the gap between the early adopters and the mainstream audience. Whether you are a corporate organisation, small-medium size business or startup, we formulate high growth tactics for outsourced marketing, strategic direction, marketing implementation and educational workshops. 

How We are different

With the advent of a product launch, many companies choose to rely solely on spending money on ads or public relations to generate exposure. But do these generic external agencies fully understand what your new innovative product or service is, or can do? In the world of complex technology, simplifying your messaging and educating your audience is key in launching a completely new product and/or service into the market.

Forestlyn helps you cross the adoption chasm

Forestlyn helps you cross the adoption chasm


Innovation marketing is all about finding the sweet spot between ideas, people and marketing. Our strategy relies on our deep industry knowledge and innovation mindset. We’re marketing experts with a passion for innovation and technology, so we know your product and service better than anyone. We create marketing plans with a fundamental understanding of the emerging technology market and bridge the chasm that lies between the early adopters and the mainstream market. Technology is evolving and your product and service could be paving the way. Take up our offer of a complimentary consultation today to discover how Forestlyn can help your business.


Forestlyn is founded by Lucy Lin, a leader in global marketing who is passionate about innovation and emerging technologies.

Forestlyn is an innovation, AI and blockchain marketing consultancy delivering business strategy, communication and digital solutions. We have worked within a multitude of industries from financial services, technology, legal, insurance, geospatial, supply chain, healthcare, entertainment and travel. Our specialities include blockchain, cryptocurrency (ICOs, TGEs, STOs), big data, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, internet of things (IOT), robotics, cybersecurity, AR/VR, drones, smart cities, connected vehicles and autonomous driving.

We work in partnership with organisations and founders to better understand your business and provide guidance, strategic planning, education and execution of all marketing services and requirements.

Forestlyn delivers a personalised and embedded marketing and advisory service and offers a focused, flexible and dedicated approach. Working either as a strategic marketing consultant within your marketing teams or as an outsourced marketing resource, Forestlyn is a trusted and collaborative marketing partner driving your business forward.

Biography of Founder Lucy Lin

Lucy Lin is a results-oriented marketing leader with over 15 years proven strategic, analytical, project management and leadership skills in corporations (American Express, Qantas Airways, HERE Technologies, AMP Wealth Management, Linklaters Global Law), small-medium businesses and start-ups.

She is passionate about innovation, emerging technologies, and blockchain and speaks and writes regularly about these topics. Possessing an entrepreneurial mindset, she founded an award-winning mobile app and a global marketing consultancy (Forestlyn.com).

With strong relationship management skills to motivate and influence local and international stakeholders, Lucy is a global citizen, having worked in Australia, Canada, Japan, Taiwan and the UK. She holds a Master of Commerce (majoring in Marketing and Strategic Management) and Communications undergraduate degrees.


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