Why Clear Communications Is Crucial When Explaining Technical Products or Services

Craig Cobb is a professional trader at Trader Cobb. He hosts the Trader Cobb Crypto Show that spans 100+ countries and has ranked number 1 in the cryptocurrency category on Apple iTunes Podcast rankings in UA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Belgium, France and Singapore. In this interview, Craig talks with Forestlyn founder Lucy Lin about why messaging and positioning are so important when launching new blockchain or crypto products and services. 

Why Crypto & Blockchain Needs Innovation Marketing

Craig believes there are a countless number of missed opportunities for emerging tech projects that haven’t been able to explain their idea to the wider audience. Both Lucy and Craig have seen many incredible projects fail due to a lack in communication and marketing. The gap needs to be bridged between the idea and people so that the project can gain traction into the mass market.


Lucy has realised a key reason that tech projects fail is the inability to de-jargon their marketing message. For a project to be successful, an in-depth marketing strategy is required in order to communicate the idea and the purpose across a diverse global market. An example of this is the success of Havven, Australia’s largest Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The previous tagline was “Distributed Monetary System” which doesn’t make much sense to non financial technical experts, and we had changed it to “Decentralised Payments Network” which was more mass consumer-friendly and it also aligned better to the cryptocurrency payments angle. As a result, Forestlyn’s marketing and communications strategy and implementation plan helped the project to raise US$30 million spearheaded by an easily understood message. 

Adapting to Industry Changes 

The technology industry is incredibly fast-paced. Craig says he is constantly learning and adapting, noting the rapid shift that saw a sudden interest in cryptocurrency and blockchain from the peaks of 2017 when Bitcoin prices was sky high at $20,000.


Lucy noticed how Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) were exploding during 2017 and the first half of 2018 with enormous global interest in the market. At this time, social media was swarming with the conversation about crypto, blockchain and Bitcoin. However, levels of engagement have been decreasing ever since.


“It was a lot easier to market blockchain technology when it was buzzing last year than now”, she says. The challenge to get your idea out when there is an industry downturn such as the current “crypto winter” is even more essential than ever.


In the future, Craig and Lucy predict that ICOs will be replaced by security tokens, as existing businesses are moving toward these asset-backed tokens. In a maturing market, people want to see live projects that are already in existence, not just a pie in the sky idea on paper.

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The Power of Education 

Lucy’s primary focus at Forestlyn is to educate people in the innovation marketing space. Core to this is educating founders, teams and projects on how they can clearly communicate their product or services to a global audience. Lucy is also passionate about helping corporate organisations with their blockchain projects with outsourced marketing as the internal marketing teams do not have the emerging technologies industry expertise. Everyone from startups, small, medium and large businesses will all need to participate in this ecosystem for further industry growth and engagement with the wider market.  


“It is a fast-growing but still very small industry, which comes from people not understanding the complicated technology,” she says.  


Craig agrees that there is a need to simplify the message so that more people can enter the tech space. He sees companies like Forestlyn as the conduit between big companies all the way down to small and medium businesses and founders to ensure that projects can grow and gain traction within a complicated and technical space.

“Each step of the way Forestlyn is there to basically navigate for these companies,” says Craig.

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